Update 3/26/20 – After contacting Dallas Health and Human Services for clarification and guidance on medical procedures, we are now providing essential vaccinations and heartworm preventionPlease note that we are recommending that if your pet is not due for vaccinations yet we recommend staying home and postponing your wellness visit. We are prioritizing puppy/kitten vaccinations, Rabies vaccinations, and Leptospirosis vaccinations. 

Should I Book an Appointment?

Our goal is to let our patients receive important care while honoring Dallas County’s and Texas’ “stay at home” order. Use this quick FAQ to decide if you need to bring your pet in for an appointment! Please keep in mind that these are just guidelines to help you make the safest decision for your family. If you are sick, please do NOT bring your pet in for the safety of our team and other clients. Instead, have someone you can trust bring your pet in for you. Remember, we can still call you and discuss treatment over the phone.

Is your pet in any pain or experiencing discomfort?

Please bring your pet in! We are taking all of these extra precautions to make sure your pet can receive important care and relief while you and our team stays safe.

Do you have a puppy or kitten due for shots?

This is a critical time in your puppy or kitten’s life. Right now they may have little to no immunity for dangerous (and sometimes zoonotic) diseases, and it’s important to build that immunity young. We recommend bringing your pet in.

Is your pet overdue for their Rabies shot?

Rabies is required by law, and it’s a disease that you can get too. We recommend keeping your pet updated on their Rabies vaccination. Other shots such as Leptospirosis are also ‘zoonotic’ – which means it’s something you can get from your pet. If your pet is overdue on their annual shots, feel free to give us a call so we can discuss whether or not it’s something you can comfortably postpone. Past vaccination history, the age of your pet, and your safety are all important factors for making the decision to book a vaccination appointment.

Examples of services that we are NOT booking include…

  • Routine nail trims
  • Anal gland expressions
  • Vaccinations for pets that are not due
  • Spay/Neuter appointments, or any elective surgery

If your pet is due for any medication, including flea/tick and heartworm preventative, please purchase through our online pharmacy, or call us. We can create an account for you and walk you through the entire process. Don’t hesitate to call us at 817-617-7387. We have been working hard to help our clients get their medications safely and stress-free through our online pharmacy!

We take a lot of pride in what we do – providing affordable care and friendly service for our clients and furry friends across DFW. We have no plans to shut down during the COVID-19 situation. We want to continue to stay open to give pets essential care.

The health and safety of not just our patients, but also our staff and clients is extremely important to us. Since March 13th we have taken extreme measures with cleaning our facilities, and since March 17th we have required clients to wait outside in their cars or in exam rooms. Our staff are staying at a distance from clients as much as possible. We are also all wearing (minimal – we want to preserve what we can in case of continued supply shortage) PPE, or masks and gloves, to make sure we don’t accidentally get anyone else sick without knowing.

On March 22nd Dallas county judge ordered non-essential businesses to shut down. We are classified as an essential business due to the care we provide to sick pets, but we are currently postponing preventative or wellness care for pets. We are planning to begin providing essential care starting with vaccinations as soon as we have more information from Dallas county and can safely and wisely provide these services to our clients and patients.

*We are not scheduling elective surgeries at this time. This includes non-urgent spays, neuters, and dentals. This is to preserve PPE and other essential medical supplies that hospitals may need in the weeks/months to come. We will keep our clients updated as soon as we are sure when we will be able to start scheduling these procedures again.*

We may update our policies as more information comes out from WHO and the CDC as well as local and federal authorities. We will continue to do our best to provide quality care to your patients, with exceptional friendly service, while keeping our staff & their families safe.