The DFW Low Cost Spays & Neuters Guide

Fortunately, there are no statewide laws that require you to spay or neuter your pet in Texas. However, city and county laws may apply in your area, and depending on the city you live in you could face steep fines if your pet isn’t spayed or neutered.

Low Cost Pet Vet is an Irving veterinary clinic that provides low cost spays, neuters and other affordable pet health care services in the DFW area. We have clients all across DFW who are completely confused by their city’s pet registration laws.

Not only do cities require their own registration process, vaccination records, and yearly fees; many areas in DFW either require or strongly encourage pet owners to spay/neuter their pet. Especially in Dallas and Fort Worth, pet owners must know their city laws and be aware of fees they might face if their pet is not spayed or neutered.

Dallas – Spay/Neuter Requirements

Dallas has very strict pet owner laws. Recently, Dallas did replace mandatory pet registration with mandatory microchipping; a big relief for pet owners and a smart move forward, but their spay/neuter requirements are far more strict than other cities in DFW.

Dallas Breeding Permits – Do You Need One?

Dallas requires pet owners to spay or neuter their cats and dogs by the time they’re 6 months old. Any pets that aren’t fixed must have a breeding permit, that pet owners must renew every year.

The breeding permits have strict requirements:

  • A veterinarian must approve the pet for breeding;
  • The pet owner must either be a member of a purebred animal club or receive a license from the Texas Occupation Code;
  • Pet owners cannot breed their pets more than several times per year.

Fort Worth – Spay/Neuter Requirements

Fort Worth requires pet registration, and also requires all pets to have an intact pet permit if they aren’t fixed. Pet owners must submit the intact pet permit application, which includes:

  • Pictures of pet’s enclosure/environment
  • Either a $50 fee or proof of attendance at a City provided Responsible Pet Ownership Class
  • Proof that all pets on the land owned by the applicant are either up-to-date on vaccinations and registration or exempt from requirements

Garland  – Spay/Neuter Requirements

Garland no longer requires pet registration. The city requires pet owners to microchip their pets and vaccinate their pets against Rabies. Garland doesn’t require pet owners to spay/neuter their pets, unless the shelter impounds the pet.

Arlington – Spay/Neuter Requirements

Arlington requires pet owners to register their pets every year. While Arlington doesn’t require pet owners to spay or neuter their pet, the yearly registration fee is much less for spayed or neutered pets.

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