At Low Cost Pet Vet, we provide affordable options for Irving spays and neuters.

All Irving spay & neuter prices include 1) a Doctor exam, 2) Preanesthetic medications, 3) Analgesia, 4) Antibiotic injection, 5) Oxygen and 6) Gas anesthesia, 7) Electronic monitoring, 8) Surgical prep, 9) Day boarding, 10) oral Post-op pain medication, along with the complete surgical procedure. Please note that all surgeries require a $20 deposit in order to reserve the appointment. This deposit will go towards the procedure.

If your pet has an increased risk for surgery (such as being an older pet or having existing health problems), we will provide you a tailored quote for your pet based on risk factors.

Irving Low Cost Spay & Neuter Chart










100+ lbs

Cats (All Sizes)











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Add $1/lb


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Affordable Spays/Neuters – What Do We Require?

At Low Cost Pet Vet, our goal is to provide great service at affordable prices. We have state-of-the-art equipment, and veterinarians with decades of experience. Dr Munsell, who performs our surgeries, has done over 10,000 spays and neuters in the past few years. 

We take extreme care with all surgeries. We monitor pets as they recover, and make sure they are doing well before you pick them up. Additionally, since our skilled vet uses stitches under the skin, your pet has little to no risk of opening their surgery site! You don’t even have to return for stitch removal. In fact, since we use local pain medication, most pets barely notice the wound. Typically, we don’t even have to use e-collars for our veterinarian’s skilled spays/neuters.

Our price chart includes all necessary services – we don’t tack on a bunch of fees. With our surgeries, you can expect your quoted price to include:

  • A doctor exam
  • Preanesthetic medications
  • Analgesia (pain medication)
  • Antibiotics
  • Oxygen and gas anesthesia
  • Electronic monitoring while under anesthesia
  • Surgical prep
  • Complimentary nail trim
  • Day boarding
  • Post-op pain medication
  • The complete surgery

Low Cost Pet Vet requires pets to be up to date on all their vaccinations. We also require pets to be free of fleas/ticks. Dogs must be up to date on heartworm prevention (or have a recent negative heartworm test).

If your pet needs shots, a heartworm test, or flea treatment Low Cost Pet Vet can usually provide those services before or after the surgery at additional charge.

Additional Irving Spays & Neuter Services

On top of what we require, Low Cost Pet Vet does recommend some services as additional insurance. These services would be extra, and we don’t need them for the surgery to be successful. We simply recommend them as an extra measure of security and safety.

IV Fluids

IV fluids are helpful for surgery. They support hydration and blood pressure. Also, they provide our veterinarian immediate access to the bloodstream. (Available for an additional $37)


Pre-op bloodwork can detect disease that we can’t see with just a physical exam. We strongly recommend bloodwork for older pets (over 7 years of age). Pre-op blood work can be performed prior to the day that surgery is scheduled or on the day of surgery before anesthesia is administered. (Available for an additional $97)


 We recommend microchipping for all pets! It’s a permanent form of identification for your pet, and we can microchip your pet while they’re under. (Available for an additional $40)

Radiographs (X-Rays)

While most surgeries don’t require pre-operative x-rays, radiographs on pets under anesthesia are much better quality. If your pet has symptoms of a condition where radiographs would be useful, they can be done under anesthesia before or after the surgery. Finally, radiographs are a good idea to check for spread of a tumor prior to removal.


If your pet needs to have a growth/lump removed, we can do that as well. If desired, the tumor tissue can then be sent to the lab for evaluation, and to see what additional treatment may be necessary after recovery from surgery.

Note: We make these valuable services available but we don’t require them. If we did, it would force us to more than double our prices. That would be cost prohibitive for many clients. 

We do include all services that we feel are necessary in our basic packages. Many clinics actually charge higher base prices and then charge extra for antibiotics and pain medicines; we include these in our lower prices!


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