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Low Cost Pet Vet is a full service veterinary clinic in Irving! We offer state of the art equipment for the best quality veterinary services every time.

Low Cost Pet Vet provides veterinary services such as:

With our exam & office visit fee of $39, we make it easy and affordable to bring your pet in. For even more affordable service, we also have a discounted “Healthy Pet” exam for your regular checkup at only $25.

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Our state of the art surgical equipment allows us to provide affordable surgery for our valued pet patients.

From soft tissue surgery to low cost spays and neuters, Low Cost Pet Vet uses the highest quality standards. Additionally, our demanding anesthetic protocol, availability of pre-anesthetic bloodwork and IV fluids, thorough patient monitoring, and highly experienced board qualified veterinarians creates a safe environment for surgeries of every kind.

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Low Cost Pet Vet also recommends yearly checkups and vaccinations. It’s much better to prevent, than have to treat problems later. Not only can we catch problems before they happen, we also can provide advice for diet, training, lifestyle and more. We have yearly doctor’s checkups – your pet needs them, too! In fact, since our pets age much faster than we do, it’s all the more important that they see a vet yearly.

Our veterinarians and technicians examine your pet thoroughly. We check for skin conditions, heart murmurs, ear infections, eye infections, allergies, diet/weight concerns, and more. Our Healthy Pet exams are only $25 to make it easier for pet owners to bring their pets in regularly!

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80% of dogs over the age of 3 suffer from moderate to severe dental disease. 75% of cats over 3 also have dental problems. Even worse, dental problems can significantly shorten your loved pet’s life. Finally, dental disease can be very painful. Dental disease causes your pet to painfully lose their teeth. They also lose sensitive tissue. We recommend bringing your pet in regularly to check on their teeth, and make sure your pet isn’t suffering from dental problems.

With regular visits, we can monitor your pet’s mouth health and schedule cleanings according to your pet’s needs.

Please note: Anesthesia-free dentals are NOT recommended by the AAHA, which promotes standards for veterinary excellence, or the AVDC, American Veterinary Dental CollegeAs such we only provide dentals under anesthesia. 

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Heartworm Treatment

1 in 20 dogs that we test for heartworms has the disease – and those are just the ones we are able to test! Heartworms are a serious problem in Texas; and it’s only getting worse. Heartworms are parasites that kill your dog slowly over time. They cause tissue damage in the heart and lungs. Eventually, a dog with heartworms dies from heart failure.

However, if your dog has tested positive, you do have options. We make treatment affordable so you can treat this deadly disease.

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Parvo Treatment

At Low Cost Pet Vet, we provide affordable options for parvo treatment. With the best care available at the most affordable price in DFW, we work with pet owners to bring their pets through parvo safely. Frequently, we can provide treatment for under $400.

Important: if you believe your pet may have parvo, bring them in to see a vet immediately. Parvo is fast-acting and deadly, and can kill puppies in under 48 hours. Do not hesitate if you believe your pet may have parvo.

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Canine Allergic Dermatitis (Itchy Skin)

Did you know that one of the most common cases we see at our Irving vet clinic is skin conditions? Your pet shouldn’t be itching, scratching, or biting as part of their daily routine. We provide the best treatment options for skin issues, and even can treat dog allergies. Don’t let your pet suffer through the itch! Safe & affordable options are available for itchy skin treatment.

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And More!

At Low Cost Pet Vet, we provide many veterinary services for dogs and cats. Whether your pet is sick, needs surgery, healthy, or needs vaccinations, we can provide.

On top of providing affordable care, Low Cost Pet Vet offers quality, friendly care for our pet patients and their owners. Visits to the vet shouldn’t be stressful or painful, for you or your pet!

Drop by anytime! We’re more than happy to offer a tour throughout our clinic.

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