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What would happen if you stopped brushing your teeth, flossing, or going to the dentist for the rest of your life? You’d probably end up with cavities, dental pain, and maybe even some rotten teeth! Our pets aren’t that different from us, and just like us, they need regular pet dental cleanings to keep their breath, gums, teeth and smile happy & healthy!

Did you know that 80% of dogs over 3 years old have dental disease? Pet dental cleanings aren’t just preventative care. They’re also important to fight already existing dental disease.

Dental disease can cause lots of problems; from dental pain to more significant issues because of the bacteria inside your pet’s mouth.

We provide affordable pet dental cleanings starting at $199!

Does Your Dog or Cat Need Dental Care?

The short answer is yes! However, the level of dental care your pet needs depends on the condition of their teeth.

Your pet might need an immediate dental cleaning if they have:

  • Stinky breath
  • Difficulty eating
  • Lower appetite than usual
  • Yellow teeth
  • Painful mouth
  • Swelling/bleeding in their mouth.

Dentals are also more important for smaller breed dogs! This is because small breeds like chihuahuas don’t have enough “chewing power” to clean their teeth like bigger dogs do. However, this varies a lot from breed to breed. For example, greyhounds can have many dental problems due to their narrow jaws. We recommend consulting with your vet to figure out a good dental schedule. 

Starting at about 3 years old, we recommend checking with a vet every year to review your pet’s dental condition.

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What Our Pet Dental Cleanings Include

We provide low cost dental cleanings in Irving, TX. Our standard dental packages include:

  • Dental scaling, polishing and flouride treatment
  • Technician and electronic monitoring at all times
  • Pre- and intra-op vet exam
  • Pre/post op pain meds
  • Antibiotics
  • Anesthesia
  • Sub-q fluids

We strongly recommend IV fluids ($19 more) for all dental cleanings. For older pets (and also pets with more advanced dental disease), we may require IV fluids. Our dental cleanings do currently include sub-q fluids to make sure your pet’s receiving necessary hydration during the procedure.

Pets with more advanced dental disease may also require antibiotics before their dental cleaning. If we have never seen your pet before, we recommend scheduling a dental consult ($25), during which we can:

  • Do a general wellness exam to check for any issues we need to consider before anesthesia;
  • Create an estimate based off of pet’s dental condition;
  • Answer questions about our dental cleaning procedures & your appointment;
  • Complete any pre-op needed care (like vaccinations or heartworm tests);
  • And prescribe pre-dental antibiotics or pain medication if necessary.

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What is involved in our dental cleanings for dogs & cats?

Firstly, we do a full, thorough physical exam. We want to make sure your pet is okay for anesthesia. We may also recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork, which can give us an insight into the organ function & overall health of your pet.

Unlike humans, pet dentals have to be done under anesthesia. Even the sweetest pups & kitties won’t say ‘ahhh’ for us during the cleaning!

Your pet stays sedated during the cleaning. The cleaning itself involves a ‘scaling’ and ‘polishing’. First, we remove tartar buildup & bacteria. A lot of periodontal disease lurks underneath your pet’s gum line. This is where a lot of bacteria lives, and we have to very thoroughly clean this area for a complete dental cleaning. To remove tartar and plaque, we do a ‘scaling’ or scraping of the tooth. Finally, we’ll polish the teeth; this creates a smooth surface which helps prevent future plaque or bacteria build up.

We will also examine your pet’s teeth while they’re sedated. Frequently, this is when we can find painful problems like broken bones, dead teeth, infections, or abscesses. We can also check for damage to your pet’s teeth or gums.

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Pet Dental Extractions

If your pet needs extractions, we will be able to provide an estimate of those after the dental exam. Frequently, we can estimate the extractions needed by the level of periodontal disease your pet has before a dental; but we can’t know for sure without taking an up close look. We prefer to leave all teeth that we can. However, sometimes extractions are necessary.

If we leave damaged teeth in your pet’s mouth, it can cause pain, infection, and more severe periodontal disease down the line.

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Dental Cleaning Prices

Our full dental cleanings, including pain meds/antibiotics, anesthesia, scaling/polishing, and pre-/intra-dental exams, start at $199:

Cat Affordable Dentals                  $194.00 (All Sizes)

Dog Affordable Dentals

Small Breed (<20) – $199

Medium Breed (20-49.9) – $219

Large Breed (50-79.9) – $239

XL Breed (80-109.9) – $259

Giant Breed (>110) – $279

For more information about pet dentals, visit our dental page here.

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