At Low Cost Pet Vet, we make it easy to afford to bring your pet in. To make pet healthcare affordable to even more of our clients, we offer some specials to encourage pet care while keeping your prices low.

“2nd Opinion” Exams Only $15

We provide affordable treatment plans, surgeries, and more. If you’ve seen a vet and need a second opinion, or you’re facing an expensive treatment or surgery and want an estimate, we offer “2nd opinion” exams for only $15. During your exam, we’ll go over what your pet needs, what we think about your pet’s condition, and build an estimate for you all for $15.

Note: We may recommend additional testing or services to help us diagnosis your pet. This is not included in the $15 exam. However, if another vet has already run tests or provided those services, we can contact them and use those for our diagnosis.

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Flea and Tick Treatment

Does your pet urgently needs flea/tick treatment? We do not charge for office visits if you’re just buying flea and tick prevention. Some products like Bravecto can only be sold by vets. We sell affordable flea/tick prevention, with no exam required, even if we haven’t seen your pet.

Note: we do strongly recommend a wellness checkup for itching pets. Sometimes, fleas can cause secondary issues like dermatitis. If you have a severe flea problem, you might need more than flea preventative to stop the itching.

fleas and ticks

Free Nail Trims with Surgery

All procedures under anesthesia include a complimentary nail trim ($15 value). This is especially a good offer for pets that have nails that have not been trimmed for a while. We can trim the nails very far back, which is usually painful but can be done easily under anesthesia. This will allow the quicks to recede and make future nail trims easier.


Bravecto – Buy 2, Get $15

For a limited time, buy two Bravecto products and get $15 back! This is a rebate offered by the manufacturer, and does require clients to mail in their invoice and rebate slip.

Dental + Spay/Neuter Discount

If you schedule a dental and spay or neuter at the same time, get a discounted price! This is a great option for older pets, since it minimizes the times they have to go under anesthesia, while saving you money.

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