For medical reasons or training reasons, sometimes it’s necessary to put your dog on cage rest. This can be very difficult for you and your pet. We’ve put together some idea s

Just like us, pups can get bored with no activity or anything to do. We know this is probably pretty difficult and want to give you some tips & tricks for keeping your dog busy & happy!

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are a really simple way to keep your pup mentally engaged even when they can’t physically move much. We’ve put together a list of relatively affordable to moderately affordable puzzle toys you can get off of Amazon! 

Please keep in mind your pup’s personality while picking good puzzle toys. For larger dogs or pups who like to chew a ton, a tougher toy – like a Kong Stuff A Ball – is awesome, but the Hide a Squirrel plush puzzle toy might be gone pretty fast. 🙂

Very Affordable

Hide a Squirrel ($12)

Kong Stuff A Ball ($15, but practically indestructible)

IQ Treat Ball ($11)

Flip Board ($8)

Moderately Expensive

Puppy Chess ($20)

Tornado Puzzle Toy ($15)

Treat Maze ($19)

Bob a Lot ($23)

Training Exercises

If you have some time, a great option (especially before bed/at mealtime!) is short training sessions. While your pet can’t move much, they can still perform small actions and tricks like shaking paws and nodding yes! 

These videos demonstrate some of these training techniques. (We also have some awesome training beef liver treats available for sale at our clinic!)  – Shake  – Nod Head – Advanced (Targeting, Attention, Head Movements) – Settle Down (Better when on Medium Activity level as training assumes dog is currently active)

Other Ideas & Fun Tricks

Walk Time

For smaller dogs that can fit inside a stroller or even a handheld bag/crate, take them with you on an outdoor stroll! Another option is taking your pup with you (crated!) on car rides with the window down. 

The fresh air, change of scenery, and exciting scents can keep your pup entertained, even if they can’t walk with you.

Finally, add a lot of extra love & one-on-one attention! From cuddle time to just watching a TV show with your pup in a crate, your dog loves to spend time with you. Make sure you give them some extra love and attention!

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